Interview with Pablo García

Interview with Pablo García

Pablo García is the Head Master Trainer at Radical Fitness Central, where he is responsible for supervising the dates that make up the production plan and directs the TOP RIDE, POWER AND KI MAX programs for those who select the music, arms the choreographies, monitor the editions and works in trials with different teams. Together with Nathaniel and Gabriela Leivas, Pablo also helps in the development of the FIGHT DO program, as well as helping with the music selection for all of the Radical programs.
To get where he is made a long journey. At 20 he went to work in the Chamber of Deputies, where until today he works as a clerk in the Committee on Energy and Fuel. Soon, he was played by his real passion: sports and fitness. So he enrolled in the Faculty of Physical Education and began taking courses at the European Center for Physical Education (CEF) and Les Mills.

Meanwhile, work had as diverse and colorful as a bodyguard for the Backstreet Boys, Enrique Iglesis, Ricky Martin and Luis Miguel; security manager Roberto Giordano parades in Punta del Este or bowling alleys top of the nineties; Actor in TV shows such as All for $2 Diego Capusotto and movies Exterminators I and II by Guillermo Francella.

In 2000 he met Gabriela and Nathaniel Leivas. They had already created the Body Combat program with their choreography and often had to v

Olar to New Zealand to record lectures. ‘Every time they traveled I was covering them in Buenos Aires’ he recalls. That relationship of trust and cooperation continues today.

In 2002 Argentina was launched in the first year of FIGHT DO, which was a boom absolute. The following year he started as Master Trainer in this program that fascinated him from the first minute for speed, pace and adrenaline. “It ‘s a chain that is taking you step by step, while Frequ increases your heart enc … You ‘re great! ‘He says. When he talks about fitness his gaze and his voice light.

You’re a passionate!

Clear! Passion is the key! If I look back now I know that the secret is there. It is the only way to make a difference. Thus ponés 100 percent of you. If something goes wrong, you’re going to put back all of you. Learning is cont inuo, even if you have title ‘Master Trainer’.

Sos car too demanding  ?

Yes, I always look for perfection even though he knows not  the best, right there you got a roof and left to grow.  I’ll make, because it forces me to keep working to be better every day and not rest on my laurels. When you thought you sos 

You feel that you share that spirit with Gabriela and Nathaniel?

Yes, they are the driving force behind this giant gear. I’m in Radical highly pr or asset. I love what I do. We build a relationship of reciprocity and absolute confidence. I feel that here I had the opportunity to build a career and grow professionally. In addition to traveling through Latin America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

How to care for your body?

I get up at 6:30, when I wake up Ana, my wife, with a protein shake which cuts the catabolism of the night and a fruit. By midmorning as two whole wheat toast with cheese infused with tea and coffee. At lunch and dinner I incorporate vegetables and animal protein and vegetable. I try to balance. I understood long ago that if I want praticar sport all my life I have to take care of myself, eat well and understand the limits of my body.

How you train?

I do weight training in the morning and three nights a week I go to the Aca

demic Muay Thai and Kick Boxing. I further two weekly classes Top Ride … I re-up training bike!

A phrase that defines you?

‘I’m a fighter in life’. I have a tattoo on my chest and back which means ‘warrior’. For me our life is a struggle in many ways, some superficial and deeper ones. I feel that nothing has given me easy. That’s why I identify with the idea of a fighter in life.

And what’s your big fight?

Agostina, my youngest one daughter, has TGD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). That means slower development and requires a lot of energy from us. He goes to school in the morning with integrative, and afternoon will therapy center with different therapists. It’s something you never think you will happen, but when it happens you have to face it. That’s my struggle bring up fat and have a happy life.

What gives you strength?

Love Agos, Ivan -my son of 13-, 16–from Dolores and Ana. Oh, and our dog Toto, French bulldog puppy that we adopted a few months ago. When I think about my family I feel like I have everything.



Interview with Pablo García, p or Cecilia Alemano pa ra Radical Fitness.

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