Introducing FACTOR F®. Watch our trailer and try some tracks from the class!

Introducing FACTOR F®. Watch our trailer and try some tracks from the class!

Functional training is not a fad, it’s a necessity!

F FACTOR ® is the program of Radical Fitness Functional Training that gives you the ability to improve and maintain your fitness level and training using very simple and intense bands based on Circuits and Suspension training.

Functional training mimics the actual physical movements that are used in everyday, professional and sporting life, which is why today so requested by the public.

F FACTOR ® is presented in classes 30 minutes to bring a proposal that adapts to the speed of the pace of life today but at the same time gives real and fast results in terms of fitness, calorie burning and muscle toning.

Detail of strategies:

STP suspension bands.

F FACTOR ® offers on one hand the strategy Suspension Bands. These bands offer the possibility of working the body in its three planes using resistance as the body’s own weight. The feeling of work is amazing and easy and fun exercises. Once tested this class becomes addictive and the results are seen in less than 1 month.

CIT Circuit

The second strategy FACTOR F ® is a Circuit Training 6 seasons!

In it simple exercises are combined using elements or just body weight. several muscle groups simultaneously engage, which results in a considerable increase metabolism and aerobic and anaerobic capacities. It is an effective, dynamic and fast strategy.

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