An Interview with Celeste Contreras

An Interview with Celeste Contreras

Her voice breaks something dysphonic even when you think animal abuse. If something does not tolerate at 41 Celeste Contreras is an animal suffer.
Why she stopped eating meat more than 25 years ago; why was the last demonstration for the rights of the horses in the National Congress; so it is working with different homes for stray dogs and cats and so cares for her own dogs -the sisters Lola and Hanna as if they were his daughters.
When she finished school teachers wanted to do in PE but thought it was not going to live like that. It was a very athletic girl. She started at 4 with karate, after swimming, hockey and was federated in competing in athletics. But something drove in another direction, so he chose Business Administration.

Passion, like every passion, remained intact. He pays just finished an exam he went to classes of Tae-Bo, Aerobox, Aerobic Gymnastics, Step and Acquagym ( ‘What noventas all!’ Laughs).
And yes, when he received he began physical education teachers at
the Higher Institute of Physical Education. ‘She would not dance or anything, ” he recalls. ‘My life was passing through the sport. I am passionate about being on the move ‘.

Radical Fitness met in 2002 when the program was Gaby and Nathaniel on TV. One day he went to his class teacher BodyCombat and suggested they try a new technique was FIGHT-DO, the other program he created marriage Leivas. ‘Went crazy’ recalls Celeste.

In 2004 he scored to make certification FIGHT-DO and since then is part of the Radical World Fitness. In the company not only it became Master Trainer and Program Director UBOUND and RADKIDZ, but he met his best friend, Lorena, and her partner four years ago, the Program Director Diego Ravanetti.

Indiscreet question …
train together?

Haha no! With Diego we go to the movies, to dinner, to shopping or walking. But when I train want to be alone
and guai with someone talk to me!

How you train?

I run between 40 minutes and an hour. I also do functional training exercises and much above the trampoline. 

What do you like the trampoline?

The adrenaline that me! The body will never get used! You push on the trampoline and returns it to you. It is unlike anything! UBOUND is an ongoing challenge.
In fact, when I was asked to choreograph the program four years ago, I ran 100 percent comfort zone. I took things about me I did not know he was going to accomplish. Its beautiful!

At home you have a trampoline?

I’ve got four! (Laughing).

RadKidz you direct the program: What is it specifically?

It is a program for children 4 to 8 years. It is about developing motor skills through play. The idea is not to inculcate an obligation. Quite the opposite. We want to know recognize the spaces, they can interact, have fun and explore their own body through movement. And of course, who can share with others.

What is the importance of sport in the boys?

Much I studied the subject, in addition to experience in my own life. Improving the quality of life of boys and motor development. They learn to know your body, moving in space, namely that can fend for themselves. All this gives them confidence and security. Note that always the leader of any group
is the athlete!

How to care for your body, in addition to physical exercise?

Balancing my diet. Girl and I learned that there are foods that are not necessary. And others that do. I plant based food, eggs, vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and grains. To drink, only water! Breakfast mates with ginger and rye bread or tortillas oats.

There was a click that made you take care of yourself even more?

Itself I was always lonely, my parents separated when I went to school and had to go to work to help with the household economy … but also several years ago I had a car accident in which almost lost my life. I came to celebrate my birthday for highway when a van embisitió my car. I went to the hospital with multiple injuries and internal bleeding. One day, several years later, I noticed that the belly swelled up like a balloon .. It turns out I had a cyst. In the accident he had lost his left ovary and fallopian single soldier had. It helped me see how fragile we are.

A phrase that governs your life?

The Little Prince: ‘What is essential is invisible to the eye’. Even today I read that book and I keep finding ways.

Speaking of the invisible … believe in the power of intention?

Yes, I checked from a young age. I emphasized primarily something I wanted a lot and succeeded. Like when I bought my house for 23 years. Not having to eat, I went to have my own house. When I got the key I sat there and I began to mourn. When you want things to heart, happen.


Interview of Celeste Contreras, by Cecilia Alemano for Radical Fitness.

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