An Interview with Izumi Tanaka

An Interview with Izumi Tanaka

Hi, I’m Izumi Tanaka which in Japanese means ‘spring’. I am a Master Trainer with Radical Fitness Japan.  On the 30th July I traveled to Buenos Aires to join the rest of the RFC team for the filming of OXÍGENO® and UBOUND®. I learned that those moments of training, with serenity, precision, and concentration are vital in achieving perfection.
Izumi was born 36 years ago in Shizuoka, a city located in central Japan, known for being one of the most pleasant climates in the archipelago. She recently moved to Tokyo with her husband Masaaki and her two Chihuahuas, Choco and Jiro.

Competing in basketball, since she was 19, Izumi learned fitness, which she describes as a practice that integrates everything needed for a complete life: mind, body, heart.

Seven years ago she discovered Radical Fitness and immediately fell in love with the professionalism of the team. The first program she was certified in was UBOUND®, then X-55®, FIGHT DO® and OXIGENO®. UBOUND® continues to be her favourite, “because it involves a lot of energy, raises your spirits and makes you smile!” she explains.

Do you remember when you first met Gaby & Nathaniel Leivas?

“Yes, it was six years ago, when I was at Radical Fitness France. At the time I was doing different activities within the company. I found them full of energy, with so much passion for work and constantly training”

Do you consider yourself a passionate person?


What do you find unique about RF?

I like that within the programs the Instructors have the ability and freedom to create.

What is your main satisfaction as an Instructor?

I like to see participants progress, especially when they feel better about themselves.

If you had to define with a phrase, your way of being what would it be?

I’m an athlete. I live with the philosophy that body, mind, and heart should work together for a happy life.

Do you have a hero or someone in your life that inspires you?

Michael Jordan. Not only because he’s a superstar, but because he committed 100%, his mind, and body every time he competed.

What is a typical day in your life?

I get up at 6am in the morning, have breakfast – bread, yogurt, eggs and sometimes rice with a kind of omelet that we eat here. I’ll walk my dogs and then go to work. In the morning I teach different programs and in the afternoon I train individuals in different certifications.

You never rest, on a Sunday for example?

In Japan we work seven days a week!

So your body is always on the move!

Yes! Just I only take a break on a Sunday afternoon, when I take a walk in the park. I drink coffee or read a novel. 

It’s your second visit to Argentina. How did you find it

I love this country and especially Buenos Aires, where people interact with each other.
The Argentinians are so warm and affectionate. While I can, I will come a lot more!


Izumi Tanaka interview, by Cecilia Alemano for Radical Fitness

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