How to eat healthy! An interview with Paula Navarro

How to eat healthy! An interview with Paula Navarro

Paula Navarro is a social worker, philosopher and chef. In Spain, where he lived  12 years, he worked at the famous restaurant Lágrimas Negras and Ramses, among  other Michelin-rated. Returning to Argentina fell in love  and started a family. The health of her youngest daughter made it to overturn  and professional life.
In his year and a half, Maika had developed an autoimmune disease called alopesia areata, which occurs in a patient for a million and results in total hair loss. Proposed medical treatments Immunosuppressive and wig. Paula began to investigate and study dietary and natural nutrition. He discovered that it was her baby intolerance to some foods such as dairy, gluten flour, refined sugar and meat, something that Paula had stopped at 14.

When Maika again had all his hair, his mother had the most palpable power transformer test power to control autoimmune diseases and to prevent them. Pulp and developed, a place that provides cold pressed, vegan meats, protein shakes and is now developing isotonic drinks juices. Many of its customers come from the world of fitness or run the Iron Man or practice some other discipline training, then immediately the question:

How you can train without consuming animal protein?

You need protein to build muscle. In traditional nutrition animal protein it is about. But we find it all! There are plant foods that have more protein than meat.

Where to find them?

Proteins and amino acids – which are essential to develop muscles-are found in legumes, nuts, in coconut, homemade granola, quinoa, yamani or brown rice. To have all the amino acids are super foods like chia, spirulina, maca (ideal for athletes) and berries Goyi. The hardest thing to find in the plant world is vitamin B12, so you may need to find a dietary supplement.

It is said, however, that meat is the best source of protein …

It is the most practical and direct, perhaps. Because when you’re vegan you have to handle certain information to meet all nutritional requirements with plant foods. Instead a piece of grilled meat is certainly going to give all proteins and amino acids. The issue is that they come along with other unwanted things completely.

What about the fish?

If you have good bluefish in Argentina – sardines, salmon, mackerel and tuna you could eat, but it is not. Which is not filled with prebiotics, it is extinct. When you start to inform you find yourself with even what is offered as good food often it is not.

And with dairy?

I do not recommend. Probiotics have are very good, but cause inflammation throughout the body, which responds by producing mucus. Furthermore, although contain calcium, they have much phosphorus, which acidifies the blood PH, forcing the body to remove calcium from their natural reserves from the bones. Calcium can be found in algae, spices, nuts and seeds (especially sesame).

A breakfast you refer?

A protein shake with some vegetable milk (almond, oats, nuts or coconut), spirulina and / or maca, granola and fruit.

How many meals a day to do?

Five, for the metabolism to function. Because if it is not slowed down. Eating all the time you’re doing work. If you eat an apple, the body expends more energy to process than the calories containing apple. Always among the best foods are fresh fruits like banana, pear or avocado and nuts. well hydrated is also important because we often confuse thirst with hunger.

Protein shakes serve?

Clear! We are developing a line to customer demand. Those normally  consumed are synthetic. I’m not saying they are m alos … but it is good to know what you are taking and try as far as possible be completely natural. Ours are usually based on coconut milk we do ourselves. They should complement, not a replacement for a meal.

What is the first thing you say to someone who decided to leave meat?

Read medical articles, to investigate on the nutritional components of food. Most of my clients decided to leave meat after seeing a documentary

called Forks over Knives is on Netflix. It is important that you analyze what your physical activity, which is your weight to see what your protein need and what your calorie needs. We all have the power in our hands. Another important thing is to listen to your body. More attention, without falling into fanaticism or hypochondria. You can not put your body 100 percent in the hands of another. You need to listen to see what you need.

How would you describe the pleasure of eating saludabl e?

The good news is that you start to expand the palate to other options. Many times we eat by culture, custom. When we change to a healthier habit know new super-rich options and carry a good feel lighter, more energy-because the digestive system is not difficult to digest food processing. It’s like traveling: you open a new world in which you are going to choose what you like and what does not with the bonus of feeling much better.

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Entrevista a Paula Navaro, por Cecilia Alemano para Radical Fitness.

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