Interview with Vero Ponieman

Interview with Vero Ponieman

At 49 Perfectly llevados-, Vero Ponieman, Director OXYGEN Radical Fitness Program, made a radical change in her life, she moved to Los Angeles. ‘The idea is to professionally develop. My husband, as a musician and as a therapist and pilates teacher. ‘And we want to project to Radical Fitness for these sides!’ ensures happy. 

It began in 1987 when she started to dance. ShHe trained at the school of Margarita Balli and the Teatro Municipal General San Martin. Then she took classes with many teachers perfected in different styles, in Argentina, in Paris and New York. He worked professionally as a dancer in film, theater, television and circuit off and 90 … a curiosity: he was part of the group of rapper Jazzy Mel. She did the choreography and vocals. Sure you saw in Rhythm of the Night!

After a year and a half living in Caracas, he led her to design classes for gyms, synthesising all his knowledge as a physical therapist, dancer and Pilates instructor. So it was that developed kinds of rhythms, stretching and postural gymnastics.

In 2002 he first connected with Radical Fitness and was dazzled by the thrust of the company. It was then that he met the teacher Michael King to offer certification in Pilates Mat Work, very new at the time. “I loved being part of that move!” He recalls. Veronica until today represents the school of Michael in Latin America. OXYGEN arises at the same time, a program created by Radical Fitness with your collaboration and Micheal King.

How would you describe OXYGEN?

It is a program that connects mind and body working movement, flexibility, connection, balance, fluidity, strength. Combia different techniques such as Pilates, Yoga and Tai-Chi. The base is breath and work with the concentration.

Many think that these practices are relaxed and do not require great physical work … do you say to that?

OXYGEN was changed over the years. Before dance had many components. Today we adapt to make it a full program with great body awareness, strong physical demand and moments of relaxation. There are tracks for warmth, then we focus on the strength of legs -more related to Fitness-, then we have some tracks equilibrium positions of yoga, tai-chi and pilates; then we make a transition from organic stand to what is physical contact with the tracks and then the soil where we focus on the abdomen and elongation (static and dynamic).

Music as you select?

The directors chose, always in consultation with managers of Radical Fitness and then it goes to the production company, which has an independent production, remixing, editing. It is a super intense laburo!

men approach?

Increasingly! It is a technique more movement. It helps a lot with posture and helps prevent injuries.

Tell us what a day in the life of Vero Ponieman ….

I start very early (no alarm clock!) Because I love the morning. It is a moment I feel increased energy levels and concentration. Breakfast with orange juice, carrot and apple; scrambled eggs, corn tortillas, lactose-free milk with cereal, rice cakes with homemade jam. Buenos Aires used in much the bike to go to the studio and my child’s school. Here it is more difficult but we have a park nearby and have a fixed bike.

How does the city change your son Renzo?

All right! He is a fan of Olympic gymnastics. Here it is scored in a gym highly competitive and is happy with that. Here are very professional, super places are equipped with high quality items.

From there you continue running OXYGEN?

Yes! I choose music, check the editing of topics, times and special effects are good. After armo choreography and passed to the computer; Now check the tests and there videollamada- route in Argentina is El Indio -Diego Martinez is my assistant oxygen. He coordinates the tests, clean movements, and is in the final details.

A short-term goal?

Develop as a professional here and, if you can, introduce oxygen in Los Angeles. I want to keep growing! There is so much to do! I’m super happy to belong to Radical and that’s something I think will never leave.









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Interview with Verónica Ponieman, p or Cecilia Alemano pa ra Radical Fitness.

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