A radiant smile! An Interview with Dr. Guillermo Roman

A radiant smile! An Interview with Dr. Guillermo Roman

Show off a radiant smile is especially important for those who, like you, work with your body and its image. Here six tips to have a smile 0 KM:

1. Comé orderly

The health of your teeth is directly related to your good nutrition. Your body is ready to process sugars more than three times a day. It does through the saliva, whose ‘buffers’ regulate acidity in alkaline transforming and protecting teeth. Regula these ‘moments of sugar’ so that they are no more than three a day. Consider that carbohydrates and dairy may also contain sugar. Between meals you should drink water or tea sweetened with natural sweetener.


2. Avoid them acidic beverages

All soft drinks, juices and sports drinks have a very acidic pH (3) and are 0% sugar. Therefore it is advisable to drink water, to prevent acid erosion decalcify the tooth surface. Cavities do not occur just by eating sugar, it is necessary to intervene a microorganism that metabolizes -bacteria-. This acidifies the environment, making a nichito in-a dentaria- tooth decalcification to stay. When you take a drink with a high percentage of acidity, bacteria do not need … You’re DECALCIFYING yourself!

3. Learn how to brush your teeth

Your toothpaste does not have to be the most expensive. What matters is the number of times you brush and technique you do. Brush after breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Obvious ideally after every meal!).

The most important is the night. Why? You close your mouth because when the temperature of the mouth and bacteria proliferate. In addition there are seven or eight hours that do not take anything, do not eat or hablás.

The called ‘technique bass’ indicates that place the brush 45 degrees. It should be soft and small, so that it reaches the last molars. No need to perform very strongly, you can even hurt. It is essential to clean and massage the gums to fight inflammation


4. Avoid el hilo dental

Unless you know it really well use (Dr. Roman said that only 5% do it correctly), it is desirable to avoid flossing because you can attack your gums. The correct use is that between the surface of a tooth, go through the side of the tooth and removing all empezás up at the other end of the gingiva.

It is recommended that you use interdental sticks with silicone tips, because they reach places that a toothbrush can not reach, but without hurting yourself.



5. regulates the use of mouthwashes

When you buy a mouthwash that does not contain clorexidrina fijate, as using this substance pigmented hold your teeth. Another issue with these mouthwashes is that alcohol can contain depapilar your tongue.

6. Visit your dentist

Once a year you go to the dentist. He or she will review how are your teeth, checked for cavities, they will see how are your gums and you will do a deep clean (not whitened).

How have whiter teeth?

Having white teeth is a sign of youth. Why at this time, that being young is something highly valued, is so widespread bleaching.

The first rinsing Dr. Roman, is that toothpastes ‘bleaching’ have no such effect. Why? For producing a peroxide bleaching is required in very high concentrations. Nor bicarbonate whitening: wearing only the enamel. So your choices to two or three tones down the color of your teeth are:

– Professional Whitening

It is done in the office and lasts one hour. material to 35 percent purity is used, with protective gum, because if you do not burn.

– Outpatient Whitening

the patient cuvettes using sleeping, prescribed by a dentist and used for 14 days is provided. The peroxide penetrates the tooth by removing the oxidation by all food and drinks you consumed in your life. Upon finishing it is necessary to place a special fluorine rehydrating the tooth, because if it is not porous and sensitive.

– Combined Bleaching

It is done in the office and then the patient takes a preparation to complete for a week at home. Ends with a return visit to the dentist places a fluoride to rehydrate the tooth.
Costs range from $ 4,500 to $ 7,000.

Dr. Guillermo Roman
Consultancy Colectora Km 49.5 Panamericana, Ramal Pilar, Concord Building, Crystal 110.
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Interview with Guillermo Román, p or Cecilia Alemano pa ra Radical Fitness.

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